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If there's one thing we learned on this trip, it's that everyone loves a giftshop. Why else would they put one at the Drive-Through Tree, Nash Dinosaur Tracks, and the end of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride? If Disney can do it, why can't we?

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If you're looking for a great way to show your support of our adventures, or you're just looking for something high fashion to impress the ladies, buy the whole bunch! They're so awesome!

the official shirt!
The Big Pineapple, the Outback, the Great Sandy Desert... We've been a part of your life for months. So isn't it time you bought the shirt? Only $20!

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Don't forget about the classic roadtrip hat! Makes a great gift!
the official hat!
Get the official Bikeabout hat in the official Kevin style. They're stylish, they're unisex and they're the only thing we trust on our heads in the Outback. Besides mosquito nets, of course.

This is the must-have $18 hat for summer in the sun! Sew a hanky into the back to keep your neck burn free!
(Hanky sold separately)
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Think we're crazy? Tell everyone with one of these vinyl beauties!
Free with any purchase!

If all you want is a bumper sticker, or a whole bunch of bumper stickers for that matter, they're only $1.50 each.
   Mel stickers available too!
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It's been a long ride to get this far, and we love your support... and now you've got a chance to contribute even more! Since you're here to spend money anyway, how about a little treat?

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But the giving doesn't stop there... You can also pick something from
Kevin & Aimee's Fantasy Wedding Wish List!
Go ahead! Make our day!
Kev wants to eat at Thy Thy and Bubblecup!
Aim would like some new Magazines!
Kev & Aim haven't read the new Harry Potter!
Our clusters & chains are worn out! Buy us a set!
When we're finished, we'll each need a ticket to New Zealand!

Donate now, and we'll make sure the world know who hooked us up!

free wallpaper!

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Day 1!
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La dee da!
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